Itsy Bitsy – URL Shortening and Analytics

ImageIt’s time to write about Itsy Bitsy. Why? It’s time to spread the word since people think bitly is the only solution.

What does Itsy Bitsy offer?

They offer a very simplistic and easy to use solution for URL shortening, and their motto is simplicity. This is why I think they are great. Everything can be done within a click or two – Shortening URLs, presentation of data, searching through your links and much more.

They do offer a really simple solution when it comes QR codes, it only takes three characters, yes three characters – !qr. Imagine is your short link. In order to get a QR code from it, just add !qr at the end.!qr and voila, there you go! It is completely safe as they rely on Google’s QR services.

They are using Google’s Charts to present us with clean and useful data. The best thing about them is – they still are in alpha phase!

Imagine what they will bring to the table when they are fully functional. They are offering free premium for life if you contribute to their project by suggesting ideas and noticing bugs. If you want to join the party visit or you can contact them at


What are URL shorteners?

Image URL Shorteners are commonly used with the internet community in order to turn ugly and long links in to short and simple to remember URLs. Short URLs can also be used to save character length on social networks and chats (for ex. Twitter) which means they can maximise what they can say. Some people use these methods to mask and beautify their long links, but beware – you never know where they lead to. 

Because of this, many websites forbid and filter through these URLs, so they might not work for every website.

URL Shortening providers use algorithms that encode your long address and turn it into sweet short urls. Some providers might even offer custom short links, where you define your own url, or QR codes from your URLs.

For people that are serious about their links, there are analytics which allow detailed analysis of visits.

If you’d like to use one of those services you can try out: